Even if you’re following the strictest of diet plans, there’s no point having dessert if it’s not going to be a treat. Ersatz versions of brownies and cakes that strip out all the good stuff aren’t going to satisfy a sweet tooth – if anything they’ll just make you crave the real thing.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to completely discard your healthy-eating intentions come pudding time. With a little tweak to the recipe of your favourite desserts, you can at least ensure they’re full of muscle-fuelling protein.

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Here are five protein-filled dessert recipes from Instagram’s no-fuss food guru The Food Grinder. All the ingredients and instructions for the recipes are in the Instagram caption on the videos, which breeze through everything you need to do in a matter of seconds.

Protein Baked Banana Donuts

The perfect post-workout injection of carbs and protein, in as tasty a form as you could hope for.

Chocolate Chip Protein Flapjacks

The flapjack is one of the finest foods humankind has ever invented, and these are an excellent example of the form. They’re studded with (dark) chocolate to ensure your sweet tooth is well and truly satisfied.

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Mint Choc Chip Protein Fudge

Avocado’s everywhere these days, including, it would seem, desserts. Fudge made from avocado and Greek yogurt might seem bizarre, but it works. Somehow, it just works.

Double Peanut Butter Protein Bars

There are no strange ingredients in these bad boys, just a whole load of excellent ones like peanut butter, honey, cashews and oats. Melted peanut butter in fact, which you drizzle over the bars. My word.

Protein Frosted Chocolate Brownies

No list of dessert recipes would be complete without a brownie, and this is a doozy, with chocolate protein frosting crowning the banana, almond milk and cocoa base.

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