1. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

There are plenty of calorie-tracking apps out there, but MyFitnessPal is the most popular for a reason. Its database is colossal, containing over five million foods, meaning the frustration of being unable to log the exact item you’ve eaten is a rare event, rather than the norm. It’s also very quick to use and remembers your favourite foods, so every meal isn’t finished with five minutes of clicking. Free, pro £7.99 monthly, App Store and Google Play, myfitnesspal.com

2. FitMenCook

Even if you have minimal spare time, a shoestring budget and no real skills, FitMenCook can help you eat healthily. £2.49, pro £0.79 monthly, £4.49 annually, App Store, fitmencook.com

3. Nutrition Quiz

Test your nutritional knowledge and find out the truth behind common diet and health myths. Free, pro £1.99, App Store and Google Play, runtastic.com

4. Change4Life Sugar Smart

Scan the barcode of a food and it’ll break down the sugar content into how many cubes it equates to in a bid to shock you out of buying anything too sweet. Free, App Store and Google Play, nhs.uk/sugar-smart

5. Kafoodle

If allergies and intolerances plague your mealtimes, Kafoodle lets you set the ingredients you can’t eat, then brings up a list of restaurants and tells you which items are safe. Free, App Store and Google Play, kafoodle.com

6. Noom

A simple traffic light system helps you track what you’re eating, while support comes from the small group of “Noomers” you’re joined with in your dietary quest. Free, pro £7.99 monthly, £14.99 for three months, £39.99 annually, App Store and Google Play, noom.com

7. SideChef

Over 2,500 recipes all carefully explained to make them accessible, as well as nutritional tips and video instructions. Free, App Store and Google Play, sidechef.com

8. Simple Steps

This app encourages small, simple changes to your diet by delivering reminders to help build healthy habits like drinking a glass of water each lunchtime, or eating a doctor-repelling apple a day. Free, App Store and Google Play, simplestepsapp.com

9. DietBet

Put your cash on the line by betting on your weight loss. DietBet lets you buy into a pot with thousands of other users, and those that hit their slimming target share the proceeds. Free, App Store and Google Play, dietbet.com

10. Lose It

This popular weight-loss app tracks your food and exercise, and has a strong community to help challenge and support its users. Free, pro £29.99 annually, App Store and Google Play, loseit.com