It’s always worth expanding your repertoire of culinary techniques, especially when a new approach makes it easier and quicker to prepare veg. Get yourself a spiralizer and you can transform veggies into satisfying curly strands.

Spiralizers are especially useful if you’ve decided to adopt a low-carb diet to lose weight but are really missing huge bowls of pasta. Sure, curly ribbons of courgette or butternut squash aren’t the same, but not only will you save on calories (courgetti contains around 300 fewer calories per 100g than pasta) you’ll also save time as they only takes around 20 seconds to boil.

Convinced? Sure you are, so take a look at our picks of the best spiralizers to buy right now, from hard-working heavyweights to an affordable handheld device.

Best All-Rounder: Mueller Spiral-Pro Professional 4-Blade Spiralizer

For such a compact tool, the Spiral-Pro sure packs in a lot of features. There are four separate blades to create spirals of all sizes, from angel hair noodles to flat ribbons and the narrow corer ensures there’s minimal waste. Most importantly, it makes light work of more substantial veg including carrots, cabbage and even butternut squash. The handle can be switched to suit left- and right-handed chefs, and you can store all the attachments in the base unit. £27 (RRP £30), buy on Amazon

Most Versatile: Cuisique Premium Spiralizer

With eight different blades and accessories, this impressive gadget from Cuisique offers more slicing and dicing options than any other spiralizer. As well as a spiralizer you get a mandolin, a grater, a citrus fruit attachment and even a juicer, so although the device is on the large side you can save space in your kitchen overall by binning some of the other tools you have lying around. Its vertical design is a winning feature, because you can let gravity do some of the hard graft, and it comes with a bowl to neatly catch your cut veg. £22 (RRP £30), buy on Amazon

Best Electric Device: Morphy Richards 432020 Spiralizer

This surprisingly slender electric appliance looks sleek on your worktop thanks to its curved stainless steel design and discreet cord storage. It comes with a detachable bowl and is fitted with two tucked-away blades to create neat spaghetti and ribbon shapes without posing any risk to your fingers. Morphy Richards also includes some spiralizing recipes in its Cook & Create app in case you’re in need of some inspiration. £30, buy on Argos

Best Handheld: OXO Good Grips Handheld Spiralizer

If you’re short on space, this handheld device will keep your surfaces clear because it can slip into a kitchen drawer. To create long ribbony strands you just need to twist veg in a clockwise motion against the blade and when you’re near the end, the handy food holder attachment keeps your fingers safe while cutting the last bits. It’s best kept for occasional use, however, because you won’t be able to use it for long without getting a sore wrist; while the single blade can tackle most vegetables you’ll need to put some muscle into spiralizing harder veg like carrots. Despite its limitations this is an affordable introduction to spiralizing. £13 (RRP £16), buy on Amazon

Best For Spiralizing Connoisseurs: Lurch Super Vegetable Spiralizer

If you’re serious about spiralizing this top-of-the range gadget from Lurch is the business. The German brand has been making spiralizers for over 20 years, long before the courgetti trend crossed the Channel, and this latest version is its most full-featured model. It lets you switch between three different blades for fine or coarse spaghetti and there’s even a tornado blade to prettify your potatoes. It may be on the pricy side but it’s a cut above the rest. £40, buy on Amazon